Complete Outfit Package

After careful consideration, Kilts by Lindsay has decided to introduce a “Complete Outfit Package”. This decision was taken after we received a large number of requests from clients who were looking for an “Entrance Level” Highland Outfit.

In order to keep as much as possible Scottish Made, we used as many of our existing suppliers as we could, using their “Entrance Level” products. Their top of the range products are reserved for our Bespoke Outfit Clients.

With a range of over 100 tartans to choose from, the “Complete Outfit Package” will be a fixed price.

Kilt  Pleated to the Set or the stripe, machine stitched, hand finished only.
Jacket Black Barathea wool. Prince Charlie and Vest or Argyll and wasitcoat. These are supplied in standard stock sizes, e.g. 44 regular or 46 long etc.
Kilt Belt and Buckle
Semi-Dress sporran complete with chain straps
Kilt pin and cuff links
Socks: Ecru or a colour from our range
Flashes: plain with a choice of colour from our range
Shoes: Standard black Ghillie Brogues
Shirt: White oinly… winged, Victorian or standard collar
Rouche or Bow tie: choose from our colour range for teh rouche..Black bow  tie only
Dress Sgian Dhub of our choice only

Complete Package Outfit Price……………£775.00

Please contact Lindsay for further information on this excellent offer

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