Just like the kilt, all my jackets are made from cloth which is woven in Scotland or at least the United Kingdom and for the same reasons. ‘I have chosen a tailor who will provide me with the service my clients require, and that is something other than just standard plain black jackets.

Over the years I have found that given a choice, my clients prefer to have a choice of what they wear both formally and informally. The choice of a lining in their jackets to match a colour from the tartan in their kilt makes my jackets stand out from the others with a wee bit of style.

Recently I have added a choice of several quality tweed cloths, which I have found has pleased many of my clients. The fact that they can purchase a good quality tweed jacket without having to pay high street prices has gone down very well.

Combined with the choices of styles, lining colours and the smaller choices like the choice of a specific button makes my jackets different and more in line with my clients’ expectations. Yes their is a small surcharge for these choices, which is detailed in each of the individual jacket specification sheets, but if that provides clients with something which is different from what everyone else is wearing and is of a higher standard, it is worth it.

One of the good  points about my tailor is that he does hold a stock of standard black kilt jackets. We can offer Argyll Jackets and Prince Charlie Jackets and vest, and all the others are made to order. Stock jackets have black lining and standard chrome buttons, anything else is made to order. You can view our range of Argyll Jackets and Prince Charlie Jackets.

I have gone out of my way to visit all my suppliers and I made a choice years ago as to who would provide me with the best service and would continue to develop new products in line with my clients expectations, and indeed in making something I would purchase myself. To date I am very happy with my choice of tailor.

Once again, if you visit the site and do not see quite what you are looking for, all you have to do is ask.

The Trews and waistcoats in plain colours or tartan are all made to order. Tartan waistcoats are normally what we call “straight” cut and come at a certain price depending on the tartan. “Cross Cut waistcoats are available to order and are slightly more expensive because they use 50% more cloth, something many people fail to realise, but which is a reality. It is not simply a way of hiking up the price as some people have suggested to me.

The Trews are available in standard waistbands or fish backs. We do not provide military trews because they require two or three fittings with the client present because of the way they are made and finished. It is impossible to hem military trews without the client present wearing the correct shoes due to the nature of the way the hem is made.

Please get in touch to discuss your kilt jacket requirements. Whether it’s an Argyll, Prince Charlie or Highland jacket, there is something for everyone.

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