Pipe Band Uniforms

We are now one of only three doublet manufacturers left in Scotland, and are probably the best at what we do. The tailor, who is probably one  of the best tailors in Scotland, is also a serious world class piper and has played with a number of pipe bands including Shotts and Dykehead. He is also a highly recommended piping tutor and travels to Europe, Canada and North America to teach pipe bands in those countries.

Our pipe band uniforms tailor has been making tunics for over 25 years and his clients include Strathclyde Police, Edinburgh City Police, Simon Fraser University pipe band, 1066 Hastings pipes and drums, and many more too numerous to mention.

While he makes the tunics, I make the plaids for the pipers and drummers. Each plaid is hand stripped on the ends, hand purled, pleated and set then basted into place ready for shipping.

Once again, making plaids is quite an art, especially forming the pleats an ensuring the finished piper’s plaid ends up the correct width as specified. There has been a new development in the making of piper’s plaids and it is one that caused a lot of concern when the decision was taken. All pipers and drummers plaids purchased in cloth from House of Edgar will now have a seam in them because all tartan is now woven in single width cloth. We will do our best to ensure that the join is as obscure as possible but I like to make my clients aware that there is a join in the plaids from now on in that cloth.

Glengarry Hats

We are delighted to be able to supply Glengarry hats to individual members of the Royal Scots Regiment. If you are looking for Glengarry hats, simply get in touch. We do not stock them because of the variation in hat sizes and also the value of stock that would have to be held. These hats are made here in Scotland and not imported.

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