Ancient Hunting Lindsay Kilt in 16 oz Tartan


Ancient Hunting Lindsay Kilt in 16 oz tartan pleated to the stripe.

Order your bespoke Scottish kilt in the Ancient Hunting Lindsay tartan. Kilts by Lindsay is situated in Central Scotland and can deliver your kilt to Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

We also deliver to other parts of the UK and overseas so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Kilts Glasgow, Edinburgh handmade and delivered to your door by Kilts by Lindsay.

Waist Measurement

Measure the waist round the belly button (or the widest dimension in that region).
Make sure this is the exact waist measurement. Never make this measurement loose!

Make sure the person is relaxed for this measurement and not holding in their tummy, otherwise the kilt will be made too small. Please make sure you let me know where you have measured

Hip Measurement

Simply measure round the widest part of the hips.

The Kilt Drop

Measure the drop from the bottom rib at the side to the top of the knee, with the person standing straight up and not looking down. (If they look down you will loose up to 2 inches on the correct drop) If you cannot locate the bottom rib, measure form the belly button down and add one inch to the measured length. Remember to tell me which one you have used.

The persons’ exact height is also required for checking purposes.

  • *Tartan Required

    *G - M - Kilt Length

    *Person's Height

    *G - Around Waist

    *I - Around Hip