Blair Jacket & Waistcoat


Every Blair jacket is made to order by our tailor here in Central Scotland. Also available is a matching 5 button waistcoat on request.

These jackets are suitable as day wear, and can be worn with or without a waistcoat.
Each one is available in a range of tweeds with matching or contrast linings, and a choice of buttons as listed below. Other materials are available upon request.

  • *Epaulette Options

    *Lining Colour

    • 20 £

    *Button Options

    • 65 £
    *A-G - Collar to Waist
    *A-H - Jacket Length
    *B-C - Half Back
    *B-D - Centre Back to Elbow
    *D-E - Elbow to Wrist
    *F - Chest
    *G - Around Waist
    *I - Around Hip
    *K-L - Sleeve Length
    *Around Neck