Cairngorm Jacket & Vest


Kilt Jacket

Every Black Cairngorm Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat is made to order from a 19oz weight, 85% wool polyester blend by our tailor here in Central Scotland.

The Cairngorm kilt jacket and 5 button waistcoat is suitable for almost every formal and informal occasion, however it is primarily a day wear jacket.

The Cairngorm is a unique design by our tailor and is a cross between an Argyll and a modern suit jacket. This was driven by client’s requesting something different for day wear. The design has proved very popular with many of our clients and is now being made in dark navy at your request.

There is a choice of lining colours, with others available on request.

As standard the buttons on the black Cairngorm kilt jacket are black.

Kilt Jacket: Kilts by Lindsay

  • *Epaulette Options

    *Lining Colour

    • 20 £

    *Button Options

    • 65 £
    *A-G - Collar to Waist
    *A-H - Jacket Length
    *B-C - Half Back
    *B-D - Centre Back to Elbow
    *D-E - Elbow to Wrist
    *F - Chest
    *G - Around Waist
    *I - Around Hip
    *K-L - Sleeve Length
    *Around Neck