Terms & Conditions Of Sale (Other than Online Shopping)

1. The following terms & conditions do not affect your rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. There are however certain special conditions (outlined below) which apply due to the nature of this business.

2. The terms imposed by the Mills supplying the tartan and Barathea wool in this instance, will govern the terms and conditions of sale by “Kilts by Lindsay”. (The company)

3. In order to secure customer deliveries and secure orders for any specific tartan or wool product, the company must pay for all materials in advance of orders being completed. This will therefore require a deposit of £150 in the case of Tartan, and £100 in the case of Barathea wool (Jackets)

4. This deposit is non refundable once the tartan or wool has been cut to complete any order. This is usually done within the first week after verbal or written order is received, but is subject to the exact timescale with each order being determined by the company. These terms apply to most Highland Outfitters, but are perhaps not made as clear as they could be in certain circumstances.

5. Complete outfits will require a deposit of £450, of which £350 is to secure the tartan and Barathea wool for the kilt and jacket. The remainder of this deposit, £100 is refundable for up to 14 days after receipt of order by written intimation of cancellation by the customer.

6. When a customer has been measured for a kilt or Jacket, they will be asked to sign a book in agreement of sizes measured and entered in the book. This is to protect both parties. The company cannot be held responsible for the increase or reduction of a customers’ waist, hips and chest dimensions, the critical sizes in kilt and Jacket making.

7. Jackets, including Price Charlie and Vest are tailored from “stock sizes”, with standard, long and short fitting. Jackets 48 inches and over will have a 10% surcharge for each increment of 4 inches.

8. Kilts requiring more than 8 yards of cloth will have a material charge added to the price, normally £35.00, but is dependant on the cost of the tartan from the mills.

9. All goods will remain the property of the company until they have been paid for in full.

10. Deliveries are subject to the availability of selected tartans from the mills making the cloth, and as such are out with the control of the company.

11. Cancellation of an order after the garments have been made will also result in the full deposit being non refundable, along with a further 20% re-stocking charge on everything ordered. The Company will also be entitled to pursue the customer for the balance of its loss as a result of cancellation.

12. Order confirmations and delivery confirmations can only be made once the tartan has been ordered and a delivery date from the mills has been attained. This will normally happen the same week, or the week after the order has been placed, but is again subject to the exact timescale in each case being confirmed by the company. The customer will be notified as soon as possible if the mills cannot produce the tartan in time to meet the customers’ delivery date. No deposits or orders will be accepted verbally or in writing until this confirmation from the mills has been given.

13. Other items supplied as part of a full outfit will forfeit a 20% charge for cancellation after 21 days of the order being placed.

14. Payment terms of more than 60 days but not more than 360 days may be arranged at the companies discretion.

15. In order to protect the company and the customer the following term must be met in its entirety:

16. An Adult family friend, relative, Parent or Guardian must be present when children under teh age of 16 are being measured for any Garments in their own home. A parent must accompany children coming to me to be measured. No measurements will be taken if the adult or parent leaves the room whilst the child is being measured.

17. We now accept most credit and debit cards as payment. Bank transfers, BACS payments are also accepted. We prefer not to deal with cheques whenever possible.In the case of cash payments, the client be requested to sign the order book as proof of payment and a receipt will be issued.

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