Buying a new kilt or a complete outfit is a major decision for anyone; a once in a life time choice, and you want to make sure you get it right first time. Kilts by Lindsay helps ensure you have made the right decision with a guarantee that the kilt or outfit you are about to purchase is made completely in Scotland with Genuine fabrics and materials.

Buy on the cheap – and buy twice! Not an option I would recommend with so much of your hard earned cash at stake.

Why Us?

  1. LindsayandkiltCloth is visually inspected and measured to ensure quality is correct.
  2. Starting at the fringe on the top apron, the kilt is laid out, marked and the first pleat is set.
  3. The pleats are then individually hand-stitched.
  4. Every kilt receives the same patience, attention to detail and quality finish – hence over 20 hours goes into every one.
  5. Only top quality canvas is used in both aprons and the pleated section, with the addition of a canvas strip inserted into each individual pleat.

Why 23 hours?

Every kilt is laid out and measured from the outside. The stitching starts on the outside of the kilt starting from the fringe on the top apron, working right round the kilt forming and hand stitching one pleat at a time, finishing with the boxed pleat at the under apron.

The excess material is removed for the full depth of the fell on every pleat on the inside to remove the bulk from the back of the kilt.

A 50 mm wide piece of cloth known as a “pleat stay” is permanently sewn in place along the waistline on the inside of the pleated section using heavy duty thread. This protects your kilt from stretching at the back, which causes the pleat stitches to stretch and yaw.

In addition to full depth canvas in the aprons and the pleated section, every individual pleat is canvassed for added strength in the “fell” area (the stitched section of the pleat) to protect the wool from the strain at the bottom of the fell.

There is a row of permanent stitching called “Steeking” 25mm up from the bottom of the fell on the inside of the kilt, using heavy duty thread, to keep the pleats fixed in place.

The kilt straps have a minimum of two layers of canvas sewn in for added strength round the waist and hips, protecting the wool from taking all the strain.

The waistband is attached by machine on the outside only, and hand sewn on the inside to provide a quality appearance at the top of the kilt. The waistband has an extra 8 inches folded under the lining to allow for alterations at a later date, eliminating the need to find a new waistband to increase the kilts’ size.

The aprons are shaped with an “A”-line design, giving every kilt that finished look from the front. The fringes are hand sewn in place using invisible stitching right up the front of the top and under aprons.

Only top quality leather straps are used and they are 25 mm longer than standard to allow for future adjustment. The buckles used are all heavy duty cast and chromed for a quality finish.

These are some of the reasons why it takes me over 23 hours to make a quality kilt.

What We Offer

We do not have special offers; deals of the month with a limited choice of 6 tartans with a range of pre-selected accessories, and we do not have a 10% surcharge on jackets and kilts over 115 cm (46inches).

What is on offer is:

  • Scotland’s finest quality hand sewn kilts in 100% pure new wool, available in most registered tartans, with the exception of a few private registrations.
  • A full range of top quality tailored jackets and waistcoats in the cloth of your choice. Tartan trews are also available made to measure.
  • A complete range of top quality day and dress sporrans, leather belts.
  • All of the above guaranteed made in Scotland.
  • A full range of quality accessories priced to suit most budgets.

To compliment your outfit, why not consider a matching hostess skirt or kilt for your partner.

Quality does have a cost attached, as most of you will appreciate, however we believe our price structure is very fair, reasonable and competitive when compared to most quality outlets.

We now accept most debit and credit cards (except American Express)

On larger value orders, we also offer up to six months interest free credit terms, subject to a written agreement, to help you get what you want and spread the cost over a manageable period of time.

What's Under The Lining?

Sometimes not all is what it seems. Below is a comparrison one of my kilt’s to a kilt I was asked to alter and see what you can expect to find under a Kilts by Lindsay kilt.

You can see the difference in the quality and workmanship of a Kilts by Lindsay kilt and that of cheaper and obviously much more inferior product.

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